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Thrilling novels set in vivid and tumultuous ancient worlds

Journey to the turbulent worlds of pharaohs and kings in this 5-book anthology that blends fact and fiction. Lost cities, buried armies, resolute warriors, and righteous revenge—it’s all there!

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Whispers of Atlantis #1 of 6 449 pg. e-book,paperback

Some secrets are best left buried.

323 B.C., Babylon

King Alexander the Great has died and his blood-thirsty generals quarrel for the pieces of a vast empire. But captain Deon has other worries— a vicious lender will sell his family to slavery if he does not clear his debt. Desperate, he accepts a mission from Alexander’s wily secretary in return for a substantial reward.

But nothing is as it seems in the murky and dangerous waters of succession. Deceived and threatened, Deon faces an agonizing choice: earn his family’s freedom by embarking on a perilous journey that can alter the balance of powers fighting for Alexander’s throne, or refuse and let his loved ones die in Nubia’s brutal gold mines.

Assisted by a companion as skilled in languages as she is with a dagger, and pursued by forces that will stop at nothing, Deon must cross violent lands to find an astonishing mystery hidden for a thousand years. And the more he learns, the more he realizes that his actions will decide the life and death of not only his loved ones but also that of millions of innocents.

Whispers of Atlantis #2 of 6 427 pg. e-book, paperback

❀ This book can be read as a standalone.

A thrilling epic of Egypt and Atlantis, with an end you’ll never see coming!

~1550 B.C., Kingdoms of Egypt and Atalanni.

In the Kingdom of Egypt across the Great Green Sea, a new young Pharaoh is taking the reigns to restore the glory of the empire by expelling the wretched Hyksos, the foreign rulers whose odious presence fouls the North. He sees the Atalanni as allies, and hopes that he can fight the Hyksos with their help.

But the gods of the Atalanni have other plans.

When the earth trembles and lava erupts from temple floors in the Atalanni capital, the powerful Oracle announces that the gods are displeased. The empire must expand its dominion, she says, or the Atalanni will face their wrath.

Sent away to fight the formidable Pharaoh, Atalanni General Teber will soon learn that nothing is as it seems as duty conflicts with morality, treachery hides behind a veil of piety, and hubris confronts cold reality.

And when the fires finally die, a stunning secret will be exposed and one great Kingdom will remain.

Whispers of Atlantis #3 of 6 343 pg. e-book, paperback

❀ This book can be read as a standalone.

4.5/5 on Goodreads and Amazon

A story of the Lost Army of Cambyses.

524 B.C., Thebes, Egypt.

King of Kings, Shahanshah Cambyses, is livid. The insolent and influential priests of Ammon have refused to recognize the Persian emperor as Pharaoh. Now, a detachment of fifty-thousand men is on the march to the distant town to burn the revered temple of the Oracle and enslave its people.

As the vast column marches in the desolate landscape, leaders plot for greater things: glory and governorship, title of Pharaoh, riches, and influence.

But one man seeks something else.


And soon, some are about to learn that the swirling sand of the desert is not the only thing in their path to plunder and glory.

Whispers of Atlantis #4 of 6 359 pg. e-book, paperback

4.7/5 on Goodreads and Amazon

What hides in men’s hearts may be as dark as what lies beneath cursed sands.

320 B.C., EGYPT

Ptolemy, Egypt’s new satrap, is a worried man. A rebel threatens his rule, the Great River has failed to inundate, priests demand ever more coin in return for appeasing the gods, and the many warring generals in Europe and Asia cast their baleful eyes on his land.

When he receives stunning news of an army under the Great Sand Sea and might solve his desperate need for money to build and supply his own, Ptolemy thanks the many gods that have blessed him with the satrapy. But there is one problem—finding it in the vast expanse of a hostile desert requires him to seek someone he once tried to have murdered.

Now Deon, a former captain in Alexander’s army, and Eurydice, a noble’s polyglot daughter, are back on this tantalizing mission. And they are about to uncover something far more sinister than what they have been asked to find, because when kingdoms are at stake, loyalty, friendship, and family might mean nothing.

Whispers of Atlantis #5 of 6 374 pg. e-book, paperback

❀ This book can be read as a standalone.

A vanished wife. A kingdom under threat. Journey with a Sumerian scribe as he navigates a treacherous world of betrayal and conspiracy to uncover the truth and safeguard a realm on the brink.

Ur, Sumer 2005 B.C.


Royal scribe Nemur is returning home after a failed mission to the governor of a neighboring province. He is looking forward to seeing his pregnant wife and resting for a few days before the weakened ruler sends him on a new arduous mission of seeking support for a kingdom under threat from aggressive roaming tribes and an increasingly hostile foreign power.

But the house is empty. His beloved wife is missing.

What begins as a desperate search for answers is about to plunge Nemur into a diabolical conspiracy, and the man who has spent his years with reed pens and clay tablets must now confront terrifying forces to not only secure justice for his wife but also to save his own life and the entire kingdom.

Whispers of Atlantis Boxset 1177 pg. e-book only


~4.5+/5 on Goodreads!

Enjoy the first three full-length exciting novels packed with intrigue, conflict, and adventure. A great way to binge-start the anthology!

Books in this Set

  1. The Atlantis Papyrus

  2. The Wrath of God

  3. The Curse of Ammon

Read how the books in the anthology are connected.

Whispers of Atlantis #6 of 6 359 pg. e-book, paperback

COMING: Q3 2023

Deon and Eurydice return in this thrilling new adventure!

305 B.C. A place where Deon never wanted to go.

Come on a new mission full of danger and intrigue, as Deon and Eurydice once again navigate the unknown, in a place where they never wanted to be.

Expected release: by August 2023.

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How the Books are Connected

how the books are connected

I: The Atlantis Papyrus

This is the first book in the series. It takes place ~323 B.C, and spans Europe, Egypt, all the way to the borders of India, and back.

II: The Wrath of God

This book takes place about a thousand years before The Atlantis Papyrus. The story is independent of the first, but you will learn the backstories of some of the discoveries in The Atlantis Papyrus. You will journey to Egypt and a mighty neighboring empire in the Great Green Sea, participate in a battle of Kingdoms and witness an apocalyptic event

III: The Curse of Ammon

This book can be read as a standalone, however, this is part of the anthology because of the next book. You will sweat and go thirsty as you walk with the Persian army of 50,000, sent by King of Kings Cambyses II, in 524 B.C. to the remote Western Desert, to raze the sacred temple of the Oracle of Ammon and enslave its people.

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IV: Sinister Sands

The story takes place about two hundred years after Book III: The Curse of Ammon, and brings back characters from Book I: The Atlantis Papyrus who will deal with things that happened in Book III. You can read this independently too, but will enjoy it more if you read Books I and III. Egypt is the setting.

V: The Death Pit

This story is a standalone that predates the rest, and takes you to world of danger and desperation in ancient Mesopotamia. Come to the great city of Ur of the Sumerians in this story of a royal scribe whose life is about to get very complicated.