Maps for the Locations in the Novels

It’s often exciting to virtually fly to major ancient historical locations from the books, on Google maps, and then imagine how it may have been in those ancient times.


  1. Go through the flyby for each book after you finish the book.

  2. When you go to the flyby, click on the Present button to get started. On mobile devices, if you have Google Earth installed, the flyby should start automatically.

Maps for Whispers of Atlantis novels

Visit the major locations of the novels and imagine the action!

The Atlantis Papyrus : Locations of Alexander’s campaigns, battle of Hydaspes, Ptolemy’s capital and more.

The Curse of Ammon: The path of Cambyses’ lost army.

The Death Pit: The major Sumerian cities and action points of the novel.

Maps for the Cleopatra Trilogy

Here, as you look down on Alexandria, you could imagine Cleopatra on a litter, being carried to a temple, or going on a procession, or just strolling along the water discussing politics or administration or mathematics or philosophy with her advisors. Or perhaps where she sat for an outside dinner with Caesar or Antony.

Fly to where Cleopatra’s palace was located, where the grand Canopic way was, possible location of Alexander’s tomb, where the famous battle of Actium between Cleopatra and Antony vs. Octavian took place, where Pompey Magnus was beheaded, and much more!

Maps for the Spartacus Rebellion Trilogy

Get a sense of Spartacus’ world and the breadth of his rebellion by visiting the major locations like Capua and Pompeii. Track the rebellion’s progress through Italy and gain an appreciation for Spartacus’ extensive travel with his army.