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Come on an unforgettable journey with the famous last Queen and Pharaoh of Egypt

Dive into ancient Egypt and experience the machinations and power struggles of one of history’s most legendary figures in this fast-paced trilogy on the brilliant Cleopatra. Follow the rise of the last pharaoh of Egypt as she fights to secure her kingdom and her legacy against all odds. From battles for power to the fall of an empire, this trilogy brings to life the thrilling and dangerous world of Cleopatra’s Egypt, and a must-read for lovers of historical fiction.

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The Last Pharaoh #1 of 3 360 pg.e-book, paperback

51 B.C., Alexandria, Egypt

Some wells have poisoned waters.

With her father sick and her sister dead by his hands, sixteen-year-old Cleopatra is poised to assume the heavy mantle of power and exercise the divine authority vested in her by the gods of Egypt.

But the gilded arches and marble columns hide a grim reality and the gathering of storm clouds. A surly Rome is banging on her doors for debt repayments, the kingdom is on the verge of a civil war, and the dying king’s powerful advisors seek to discard her like a rag and control the kingdom through her brother.

Now, the young regent must confront her adversaries and walk the tightrope over an abyss of treachery and conflict, because one wrong move means ending three thousand years of Pharaonic rule and turning up as a corpse in the Alexandrian marshes.

The Last Pharaoh #2 of 3 340 pg.e-book, paperback

47 B.C., Alexandria, Egypt

Rest is not for rulers.

Finally crowned as the undisputed Queen of Egypt with the help of Gaius Julius Caesar, twenty-two-year-old Cleopatra hopes to recover from the harrowing experiences of the last few years and the just concluded bloody Alexandrian war.

But rest is not for rulers.

A diabolical conspiracy, orchestrated by shadowy figures in her government, looks to dethrone her by bringing her presumed dead brother to life. A colorful Idumean Jew named Herod clings on to the land she wants. And a powerful Roman named Marcus Antonius has summoned her to answer charges regarding her allegiance.

Now, the young mother is about to discover that ascending to the throne is only a step into the dark worlds of imperial politics, personal desires, and unrelenting enemies.

The Last Pharaoh #3 of 3 270 pg.e-book, paperback

4.7/5 on Goodreads and Amazon

31 B.C., Actium, Greece

War is here.

Caesar Octavianus has declared war on Antony and Cleopatra.

The gilded arches and silk cushions of the Alexandrian palaces are a world away from Actium, where mosquito-infested, disease-ridden camps are the way of life.

Resented by Roman generals, abandoned by allies, and facing hostile forces, Cleopatra must now do what she can to preserve her life, her kingdom, and the future of her children.

The saga of Cleopatra concludes in this exciting final book of the trilogy.

The Last Pharaoh Novella 144 pg.e-book, paperback

A fast-paced novella prequel to the Last Pharaoh trilogy covering the tumultuous younger years of Cleopatra.

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58 B.C., Alexandria, Egypt

Furious with the king’s extortionate attempts to repay his debts to Rome, the irate citizens have chased king Ptolemy from Alexandria and crowned his eldest daughter Berenice and wife Cleopatra Tryphaena as queens of Egypt.

Now, the king, with his young daughter Cleopatra, is in Rome, where he plots to return to Egypt and regain his throne. While he maneuvers the muddy waters of Roman politics, his young daughter struggles with life in the smelly city, nothing like Alexandria with its grand palaces. When a nasty Roman man named Marcus Crassus asks her whether her sister Berenice would abdicate in favor of her father if he returns, Cleopatra answers him like a twelve-year-old diplomat.

But Berenice has other plans, and when the prize is the throne of Egypt, blood relations that mattered less now matter nothing at all.

Suggested for reading after the trilogy, this short prequel to the Last Pharaoh trilogy takes you on a fast-paced journey to the turbulent few years of Cleopatra’s childhood.

The Last Pharaoh BoxSet 1120 pg.e-book only

Want to binge read? Get the complete collection that includes the trilogy and the prequel, all in one beautiful e-book bundle great for curling up and immersing yourself in Cleopatra’s world.

  1. Regent

  2. Queen

  3. Empress

  4. A Dangerous Daughter

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