Whispers of Atlantis #5 of 6 374 pg. e-book, paperback

❀ This book can be read as a standalone.

A vanished wife. A kingdom under threat. Journey with a Sumerian scribe as he navigates a treacherous world of betrayal and conspiracy to uncover the truth and safeguard a realm on the brink.

Ur, Sumer 2005 B.C.


Royal scribe Nemur is returning home after a failed mission to the governor of a neighboring province. He is looking forward to seeing his pregnant wife and resting for a few days before the weakened ruler sends him on a new arduous mission of seeking support for a kingdom under threat from aggressive roaming tribes and an increasingly hostile foreign power.

But the house is empty. His beloved wife is missing.

What begins as a desperate search for answers is about to plunge Nemur into a diabolical conspiracy, and the man who has spent his years with reed pens and clay tablets must now confront terrifying forces to not only secure justice for his wife but also to save his own life and the entire kingdom.