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Where to Begin with My Books? A Quick Guide on the Reading Order

Are you curious about diving into my novels but unsure where to start? This guide is here to help.

The most straightforward approach is to begin with the inaugural book of a series as highlighted on my homepage. For the Whispers of Atlantis, start with The Atlantis Papyrus. For The Last Pharaoh, dive into Regent. And for Spartacus, it’s Soldier.

So, how do you choose among these series? It’s all about your personal taste:

Diving deeper into the Whispers of Atlantis series, if you enjoy for consistent character arcs:

  1. Start with The Atlantis Papyrus (#1)
  2. Continue to Curse of Ammon (#3)
  3. Proceed to Sinister Sands (#4)
  4. And then to Maurya (#6).

It’s worth noting that each of my books in the Whispers of Atlantis anthology is a complete story with a logical ending—there are no cliffhangers, so feel free to try any!

The main characters from the first installment recur in three out of these four titles. However, to fully appreciate Sinister Sands (#4), you’ll need to have read Curse of Ammon (#3) beforehand. Both Wrath of God (#2) and The Death Pit (#5) stand apart as unique tales set in contrasting landscapes (Egypt vs. Mesopotamia). Feel free to explore them at any stage — be it before the others or afterward. Also, The Curse of Ammon can be enjoyed as a standalone narrative.

To delve into the intricacies of how these books interconnect, visit this dedicated page.

Well, what are you waiting for? Get started with one below!

can be read as standalone

cover image for The Atlantis Papyrus

💰 $2.99 series starter!

The Atlantis Papyrus
 449 pages ● e-book, paperback

Some secrets are best left buried.

“pure enjoyment…”

A frequent #1 on Amazon’s Ancient Egyptian History bestseller lists.

323 B.C., Babylon

King Alexander the Great has died and his blood-thirsty generals quarrel for the pieces of a vast empire. But captain Deon has other worries— a vicious lender will sell his family to slavery if he does not clear his debt. Desperate, he accepts a mission from Alexander’s wily secretary in return for a substantial reward.

But nothing is as it seems in the murky and dangerous waters of succession. Deceived and threatened, Deon faces an agonizing choice: earn his family’s freedom by embarking on a perilous journey that can alter the balance of powers fighting for Alexander’s throne, or refuse and let his loved ones die in Nubia’s brutal gold mines.

Assisted by a companion as skilled in languages as she is with a dagger, and pursued by forces that will stop at nothing, Deon must cross violent lands to find an astonishing mystery hidden for a thousand years. And the more he learns, the more he realizes that his actions will decide the life and death of not only his loved ones but also that of millions of innocents.

cover image for Regent
 360 pages ● e-book, paperback

51 B.C., Alexandria, Egypt

Some wells have poisoned waters.

With her father sick and her sister dead by his hands, sixteen-year-old Cleopatra is poised to assume the heavy mantle of power and exercise the divine authority vested in her by the gods of Egypt.

But the gilded arches and marble columns hide a grim reality and the gathering of storm clouds. A surly Rome is banging on her doors for debt repayments, the kingdom is on the verge of a civil war, and the dying king’s powerful advisors seek to discard her like a rag and control the kingdom through her brother.

Now, the young regent must confront her adversaries and walk the tightrope over an abyss of treachery and conflict, because one wrong move means ending three thousand years of Pharaonic rule and turning up as a corpse in the Alexandrian marshes.

cover image for Soldier

💰 $3.99 series starter!

 340 pages ● e-book, paperback

For Honor. For Vengeance. Or For Rome?

Thrace, 83 B.C.

Spartacus, son of a Maedi chief, is about to lead a band of his men into the heart of an enemy tribe to steal the idol of their sacred god Sabazios. He hopes that this daring incursion will make him worthy in his father’s eyes and the tribe that sees him more a philosopher than a warrior.

When this desecration brings savage retribution to his doorsteps, Spartacus does what no Maedi man would dream of doing, bringing dishonor to himself and his tribe. And now, the only way to douse the flames of shame and rage is by joining a Roman auxiliary that is preparing to destroy his enemy.

But the offended gods have different plans.

Fighting under a corrupt centurion, saddled with quarreling companions, and on a brutal march to wage war for a brilliant general with grand ambitions, Spartacus will learn what it means to be a skilled soldier, a warrior, and above all, a leader, even as he battles powerful forces that are about to put him on a bloody path to his fateful destiny.

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