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The Hunt for The Death Valley Germans - Companion Reading
12m read
The harrowing mystery of a german family that vanished into the wilderness of death valley

Roman Emperors and Their Rule
5m read
Graphs and numbers depicting the Roman empire

Historical Accuracy of the movie scene of Cleopatra’s entry into Rome
4m read
How historically accurate is the scene from the 1963 film?

Cleopatra - Queen of Egypt, and her unfortunate portrayal
6m read
A view of the famous queen's unfair portrayal

My brief review of HBO's Rome and its depiction of Cleopatra
4m read
A brief review of HBO's Rome and its depiction of Cleopatra

A document with Cleopatra's signature
3m read
We'll take a look at a tantalizing document with what appears to be the Queen's signature

Chronology and timeline of Ancient Egypt
8m read
Get a sense of rulers and their timelines in ancient Egypt with graphs and numbers!

The Search for Cleopatra's Tomb
9m read
An examination of ancient sources and theories behind the location of the lost tomb

The Story of the Lost Army of Cambyses
6m read
What happened to Persian King Cambyses' army sent to Siwa in 524 B.C.?

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