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The Spartacus Rebellion - A note on the trilogy
2m read
How Jay Penner's Spartacus trilogy differs from other treatments of the subject

The POV Cheatsheet - understand POVs in writing
4m read
A simple Point-of-View guide to writers

Writing Novels and Non-Fiction with Visual Studio Code
12m read
A person view of authoring using a programming-centric tool like Vistual Studio Code

Creating Google Maps for Novels
3m read
Giving readers an immersive experience through Google maps flybys for book locations

An opinion on writing - Disciple eats inspiration for breakfast
3m read
As authors, should we wait for inspiration to strike so we can sit down and write?

My authoring process: how to self-publish books faster on Amazon using Markdown and a output script
5m read
My process to write in Markdown and publish books on Amazon

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