About Jay

About Jay Penner

I have always harbored a deep desire to write. Although my initial attempts in 2010 and 2013 encountered setbacks as I ventured into genres that interested me but lacked sufficient world-building experience, I persevered. Finally, in 2018, I embarked on outlining the plot for my debut book, “The Atlantis Papyrus.” Following multiple revisions, I successfully published it in 2019, and ever since, there has been no turning back. My passion lies in crafting fast-paced narratives that skillfully blend diligent research and historical context with captivating storytelling. I aim to leave my readers contemplating the line between reality and fiction. All my books end with notes that detail the history behind the story.

Each series I undertake presents unique challenges and brings a certain joy, and yet, I love every book I have authored. The character of Cleopatra exists within a distinct realm, separate from that of Spartacus. Likewise, the ancient civilization of Mesopotamia stands in stark contrast to its Egyptian counterpart. Rome is enthralling and so is India. They are all magnificent worlds.

While my reading interests encompass a broad range of subjects—thanks to my unyielding devotion to reading, a practice I have faithfully upheld since childhood. A Kindle is my constant companion these days. I reserve a special fondness for ancient history, police procedurals, and intelligently-crafted, true-to-life thrillers and science fiction. I gravitate towards gritty works. Interestingly, despite my appreciation for series like “Game of Thrones,” I have never been able to immerse myself in fantasy books.

In my craft, I employ an array of tools. To facilitate my writing process, I commence with Visual Studio Code, a wildly popular free code editor for programmers and is also fantastic for authoring. Subsequently, I convert the Markdown format to Word using a tool called PublishQuickly before commencing the publishing procedure. My preferred writing sanctuary lies in my work basement, furnished with a Mac Mini and an LG 4K monitor. I must confess that, as a writer of ancient historical fiction, paper holds little sway in my workflow, for I am a very digital person when it comes to my workflow.

As for what lies ahead, only time will tell. I love writing and aspire to share countless more tales with my readers. In my leisure time, I am drawn to the captivating landscapes of the Pacific Northwest. Additionally, my love for travel has allowed me to visit numerous wonders, yet the vast expanse of this magnificent world beckons, promising more extraordinary experiences.

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